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Crown International, leading the way for a safer world


  • Security in a country brings stability and peace for its citizens, providing stable foundation for prosperity of businesses, for the safe implementation of laws and clearing the way for blooming economy.


  • Businesses rely on government protection for their existence, which is limited to the extend of the law.


  • When necessities for protection, on government agencies, military installations and specialized private businesses, require specific needs for Leading Edge Technology, Crown International Incorporated provides knowledge and expertise for designing, implementing and maintaining top level secured environment.


  • Combining modern computer technology with day and night surveillance on land, air, and water, implementing face recognition, electronic finger printing and iris recognition, Crown International is capable of designing and building a complete surveillance security network with separate levels of independent power supply, as well as providing explosives and drug detection control. 


  • Crown’s programs, using modern U.S. technology, have been introduced and or implemented for control and surveillance of border points, government agencies and capital cities throughout Eastern Europe and Asia.


  • Using Crown’s expertise and professionalism has its unsurpassed advantage of incorporating evaluation, design, and implementation, with service and maintenance as well as training and support for top of the line technology.


  • When required, Crown has capability for arranging special financing covering any of its projects.


Understanding the importance of being ahead in the protection from terrorist attacks and cyber threats, we are constantly updating our technology keeping leading edge in providing the most sophisticated systems at time of implementation. For best protection of countries, regions, cities, or private property, we are combining modern computer technology with day and night surveillance on land, air, and water, implementing the best available face recognition software with a wide variety of options of database information, electronic finger printing and iris recognition, capable of designing and building a complete surveillance security network with separate levels of control and fully independent backup power supplies provided by Cummins Onan Generators. In connection to any security projects Crown can offer a variety of personal combat protection, explosive detection kits and robotic defense and explosives disengagement. Specialty transportation with different armoring levels with interactive video monitoring and digital recording is available for special projects. When air surveillance is required all information exchanged wirelessly is protected by high encryption coding where video signal from a piloted or remote controlled helicopters may be engaged by very sophisticated color video and infrared cameras and heat sensors, where the image is filtrated through digital stabilizers and recorded digitally in two levels, air and ground.

Franchised distributor of Cummins engines and generators since 1996

World distributor of Blue Bird busses since 1994

Franchised distributor for WindStream Technologies

Franchised distributor for Soligent Solar Power equipment

Distributor for PyroGenesis Plasma Resource Recovery waste-to-energy system

Considering the priorities of our Planet Environmental issues and after careful evaluation of the available technologies for Municipal Waste Treatment, in 2006 Crown International signed an agreement for international distribution and implementation of the PyroGenesis Plasma Waste to Energy technology (successfully used by the US Navy since 2007) using GE gas generators to produce electricity from alternative sources.

World distributor of US-made Hotel and Hospital Equipment

  •  Elevators

  •  Power Generators

  •  Hotel Furniture

  •  Bathroom and Kitchen Equipment

  •  Restaurant Equipment

  •  Building Materials

  •  Hospital Equipment



Working closely with General Electric has given Crown the opportunity to introduce Power Generating Projects in Bulgaria and Turkey, including alternative electricity production from Solar Panels, Wind Generators and Hydro Electric Plants. As official franchised distributor for Cummins/Onan generators, Crown International has always been a primary introducer of the US made Backup Power Electricity Generating System. 


In an overall view of our 36+ years business history and experience, we would like to emphasize on the facts that Crown International Incorporated has received many awards for its business achievements, including the President's Honor Award for its instrumental services in the achievement of International contracts with CSX Transportation (one of the largest U.S. Railroads); 1993, 1994 and 1995 President's Awards for Outstanding Representation, Blue Bird Corporation; 1995 Service and Parts Award, Blue Bird Corporation; 1995 Quota Buster Award for achieving top sales, Blue Bird Corporation; 1996 Top Achievement Award for service and parts, Blue Bird Corporation; and 1998 Service Award for Outstanding Representation, Blue Bird Corporation. Reference letters and copies of the Certificates of Awards for confirmation of the above facts are available per request.

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