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Past Performance

Projects in Bulgaria


During 1991 through 1994, per request of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Bulgaria, working in partnership with BDM / TRW (now Northrop Grumman), Crown International designed a nationwide police vehicle monitoring system, providing information of the actual location, ownership data, chassis and registration number as well as advanced trajectory of the moving patrol vehicles.


Being well diversified and politically connected with the newly established democracy in that country, the same year Crown International Incorporated establish itself as one of the major U.S. exporters to the Country of Bulgaria, based on large transportation equipment sales agreement.  As the official distributor for Blue Bird Buses and Cummins Engines, the company accomplished sales, exciding $8,000,000.00 covering the delivery of 97 buses, and containers of spare parts exported to the Country of Bulgaria. 

With the inclusion of GM passenger car distribution, Crown International Incorporated has became the Number One U.S. Exporter Group to the Country of Bulgaria for the three consecutive years 1993, 1994, and 1995 (per official announcement by the U.S. Department of Commerce). Based on Crown’s Distributorship Agreement with General Motors, the company achieved sales of over $6,000.000.00 with the most popular models as Cadillac STS, Pontiac Bonneville, Pontiac Grand Am, Oldsmobile Aurora, Oldsmobile Sierra, Chevrolet Lumina Van, Chevrolet Blazer 4 x 4 and Saturn.

New Construction for the first GM Dealer in Sofia, Bulgaria

GM representation through our partners company at the International Fair in Bulgaria

Most of our Blue Bird bus shipments were initiated from the Port of Jacksonville, Florida, using the services of Hoegh-Ugland Auto Liners A/S.  All shipments of GM products were initiated from the Port of Baltimore, Maryland using Walleneus Lines.  


After acquisition and development of a site within the Industrial Section of the city of Manassas, Virginia in 1995 Crown moved in to our newly constructed $1,500,000.00 facility where we established our world headquarters and became a major shareholder  in the production of CMC electric vehicles based on Bulgarian Manufactured Chassies and become the manufacturer of electric forklifts and trucks of the future.  Senator Charles Colgan with honored guests Delegate Harry Parrish and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Prince William County, Virginia, Kathleen Seefeldt, hosted the ceremonies for the grand opening. The U.S. press officially publicized the event.

Considering the priorities of our Planet Environmental issues and after careful evaluation of the available technologies for Municipal Waste Treatment, in 2006 Crown International signed an agreement for international distribution and implementation of the PyroGenesis Plasma Waste to Energy technology (successfully used by the US Navy since 2007) using GE gas generators to produce electricity from alternative sources. Since that time Crown has introduced environmental projects using the Plasma Technology in Republic of Macedonia, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Turkey and Georgia. All such projects were designed and presented based on using US government financing through Export-Import Bank of the United States. In Republic of Bulgaria and Republic of Turkey the Ministry of Environment has fully approved and supported the use of the Waste to Energy PyroGenesis Technology. In Bulgaria our company has signed 4 Preliminary Implementation Agreements, directly with Municipalities interested in conversion of their Municipal Waste to electricity with options to produce Synthetic Diesel Fuel. Further introduction and presentation of the technology was made to the Capital Sofia and 22 Bulgarian Municipalities.

Projects in FYR Macedonia

Per direct orders of the Prime Minister, Crown International Incorporated designed, arranged for U.S. government financing through Export-Import Bank of the United States in the amount of $13,000,000.00 and implemented the National Security Project for Republic of Macedonia during the years of 1999–2002. Our company has received full support for this Project directly from President Clinton and the White House.


  • The shipment of 340 police vehicles, 10 units 5 ton tow trucks, 4 police Patrol Boats, 23 Backup Power Generators, equipment and machineries included 157 (one hundred fifty seven) 40 foot containers and 14 open platforms, which Crown managed to deliver on time from the Port of Baltimore through Greece in to Macedonia under US flag;


  • The full implementation of the project included the onsite installation of the police equipment on all 340 vehicles performed by our US teams, installation of 23 Backup Power Generators, over 150 computers and video surveillance cameras and control centers to all remote border stations and government buildings in Macedonia, including installation of telecommunication cable network, all installed, tested and serviced by our US engineers on time;


  • For the fulfillment of all obligations under the Macedonian project, Crown engaged and managed the work of 6 (six) US Sub-Contractors and coordinated all financial documents between the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ex-Im Bank and Ex-Im Bank;


  • Since the United States defined our Macedonian project of “High Importance”, President Clinton personally approved the US Government funding and supported Crown's efforts to fulfill its obligation without any discrepancies (President Clinton’s letter is on file);


  • After the project was fully completed we received and kept on record, Certificates for Satisfaction for each individual work performed and equipment delivered, including training of the police personnel for the effective use of all radars, drug detection and explosive detection equipment;


  • As a result of excellent performance in managing the fulfillment of Crown International’s obligations under the Ex-Im Bank financing and combining the exports from Chrysler, Ford, Cummins, Bayliner, IBM, Pelco and Federal Signal Corporation (for many of which Crown is direct Franchised distributor), the Chairman and CEO of Crown International Incorporated was awarded for a second time, the highest honor of the US Senate, the “Millennium Edition of the Senatorial Medal of Freedom”.

After the successful implementation of Crown’s National Security Project in Macedonia, Crown International introduced, engaged and managed the full delivery and distribution of 40,000 metric tons of corn feed for Macedonia, divided in 2 (two) vessels and 140 tractor trailers, working directly with US Department of Agriculture under US Program 416-B (all records are on file with our company). The receiving of funds and their distribution was managed and controlled through the Ministry of Finance of Macedonia and the WHEMF.

Following the Economic Development Program, in addition, Crown helped Republic of Macedonia receive U.S. Grants as: $22,000,000.00 of U.S.A.I.D. funds for direct economic assistance; $1,050,000.00 of U.S.A.I.D. funds to Ministry of Internal Affaires for telecommunications; $1,500,000.00 for special police training under ISATAB program with U.S. Marshals; and $5,000,000.00 from the Pentagon for munitions, much needed to fight the terrorist groups in the western borders.

Crown's facilitated delivery of a $2.5 million grant for medical supplies from Holland, accepted by the President and Minister of Health of the Republic of Macedonia.

Projects in Russian Federation 


Following the successful implementation of the Macedonian National Security Project, in 2002 Crown International was officially invited by the Mayor in City of Moscow, Mr. Yuri Lushkov, for the purpose of designing program for surveillance and protection of terrorist attacks, covering the city of Moscow and its suburbs, using financing offered by Export-Import Bank of the United States (project cost of $25,000,000). In connection to this project Crown participated in establishing the strategy for predicting and responding to terrorist attacks, working closely with the Russian specialty law enforcement groups.


With reference to the Moscow Security Project and based on official request from the President’s office of Republic of Tatarstan, Crown International designed National Security Project supported by Export-Import Bank of the United States, for surveillance and control of the City of Kazan totaling $15,000,000.00. Our Preliminary Contract with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Tatarstan was signed on October 1st 2002, which included the implementation of the most sophisticated security network combining ground, water and air control with interactive video and telecommunications, with backup power supplies provided by Cummins Onan Generators.

Signing of the preliminary agreement with Tatarstan Ministry of Internal Affairs

Republic of Uzbekistan


Based on financing proposed by the Ex-Im Bank, Crown worked in Republic of Uzbekistan for several years for implementing a National Security Program covering three projects: “Surveillance and Prevention of Terrorist Attacks for the City of Tashkent” with value of $20 Million Dollars, Telecommunication Project for $7.7 Million with the State Customs Committee and “X-Ray Vision Control of all Border Crossings” with value of $200 Million, incorporating technology from SAIC.


Signing of the permiminary agreement with the Presidential Secret Service of Uzbekistan.

Outline of Past Performance (Crown Affliated Company)




Global supplier of high quality metallurgical and steam coal, with branch offices in Eastern Europe and worldwide network of affiliates and independent agents, rated by the U.S. Department of Commerce the Number One U.S. Coal Exporter to the Country of Bulgaria, based on gross annual export sales.


Initiated and serviced the first U.S. metallurgical coal exports to Republic of Bulgaria by supplying the largest steel mill in Eastern Europe. Based on close business relationship with Rapoca Energy Corp. in Bristol, Virginia from 1990 started exporting a US produced coal from the Try State area from Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee. Throughout the following decade have quickly engage supply agreements with CONSOL, United Coal, Commonwealth Coal Sales, Maran Coal Sales and Drummond Coal from Alabama, expending its export to the Balkan region in Europe.


The company made arrangements for Rapoca Energy to engage metallurgical coal sales to Ensidesa Spain and Italiana Coke. Clover International further expended its business relations with Mittal Steel through their European steel mills. The company is also registered with the Indian government for supply of coal to the Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL).

Based on the location of the coal mines throughout the years Clover International has used the US Ports of loading as: Baltimore, Maryland; Norfolk, New Port News, Virginia; Charleston, South Carolina; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Mobile, Alabama.


Working under contractual agreements with Norfolk Southern Railroad and CSX Transportation, in 1994 Clover International was recognized for its exclusive performance and received the “Top Achiever Award” presented by CSX Transportation in Jacksonville, Florida.


Negotiated and secured International Vessel Chartering Agreements with ship owners from Greece, Italy, Holland, England, China, Russia and USA.


Photo references:

International supplier of specialty tools within the automotive and mining industry since 1987. U.S. assembly of instruments manufactured in Germany and sold internationally trough Snap-On Tools and Matco Tools and other major US tool distributors.

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